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As a brand, your number one goal is to place your brand before your target audience as much as possible. You need to constantly engage them in a discourse so that they become as familiar with your brand as possible. Our Custom exhibition stand at Xhibitor is an excellent and innovative way to achieve that. At Xhibitor, we do not design stands; we create solutions. Our goal is to tell your brand story in such a way that will stand you apart from your competitors and sell your brand.

Engaging And Memorable Custom Display Stands

Our custom display stands are the ultimate marketing tool. They are designed to capture the attention of your target audience and keep it till they are fully immersed in your brand experience. If you are looking for trade show displays that provide you with the ultimate competitive edge, contact us at Xhibitor to give you the ultimate trade show experience.

Our Process

We offer the entire exhibition stand package, from the design process to the manufacturing and setup, and we even aid you in the storage of your stands. We work with your team from idea conception to the completion and storage of your custom exhibition stands.

Expo Stand Design

Our process starts with designing concepts that are creative and uniquely made with your brand in mind. The exhibition display stands are designed with your brand in mind, and they are the product of the relationship between innovation and creativity.

Product Management

From the very beginning, we intend to carry you along. Our team of product managers will look after your project from the very first meeting. From design to engineering to construction. We become a part of your team, and together we ensure that you create the best brand experience for your target audience.


We can design and engineering expo stands that tell your story and make you stand out in the exhibition.


We let our exhibition displays speak for us. To all our clients that have trusted us, we have given trade show stands that are top-notch and unique. Our designs are creatively brought to life by our team of experts using the best in quality materials and a process that is extensive. We follow an environmentally-friendly routine that gives the best results.


No matter where in Australia you are, we will provide you with the best trade display booth installation. Our goal remains to provide you with the entire package, and our promise won’t be complete if you still have to worry about installing your new expo stand. Our team is ready to be dispatched to wherever you need us. They can handle any logistic issue, and their dedication to their service is unrivalled.


We also provide you with tailored and secure exhibition stand storage facilities. We will manage your exhibition stand and equipment until you need them. Because you started the design process with us, we can fully understand your storage needs. And because you choose us to store your stands, we will be able to easily make any changes to the design and manufacturing. In the end, the entire process is hassle-free for you.

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The Best Quality, Tailored To Fit Your Business Needs

An exhibition stand from Xhibitor is more than just a stand. It is a strategic marketing tool designed to bring your business to the fore. When we design your expo stands, you will get the best quality. We have a dedicated team of expert builders, designers, and project managers who will work with your team from start to finish. If you have any ideas on how to bring your stand to life, we take that into consideration and add our magic touch to give you an unforgettable exhibition experience.

Tailored Exhibition Experience

With our many years in the event business, nobody knows how different businesses are more than Xhibitor. We aim to create an exhibition experience that is truly yours. If this is your first exhibition and you are worried about getting it right, we will take that job off your hand.
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Build Unforgettable Experiences

Nothing connects you and your target audience at live marketing events more than an immersive brand experience, which is what we are offering you with our trade show booth designs. They are uniquely yours and will convey your marketing strategy to your target audience.

Expertise and Experience You Can Trust

When creating an exhibition experience, you can trust us and the many years of experience we have in event management. We understand the intricacies involved in creating unique expo stands. Our team of experts has the right amount of knowledge to create and install your trade show stands.

Creating Engaging Exhibition Experiences

The first goal of an expo stand is to attract the target audience. It might be difficult to stand out in a field of expo stands with similar brand offerings. But our team at Xhibitor will bring your brand message to life. Our designs are creative and user-centric, so you can be sure that among other trade show stands, yours will stand out. Our design and engineering experts will create an expo stand that will drive engagement and return maximum marketing results.

Why Xhibitor?

You might be asking right now why you should choose us over other companies like us? The answer is that effectively communicating your brand story is the reason for our existence. We don’t just talk; we also design, manufacture, and install the talk. We understand how stressful exhibitions can be, so we handle the entire process of setting up your custom exhibition stands for you. We do more than build your expo stand. We create a unique brand experience that stamps your story on the minds of your target audience from the first time they see it.

Client testimonials

We been working with Xhibitor for several years. In that time, I have found the crew to be very approachable and supportive of our needs. The Xhibitor crew have shown excellent problem solving skills and a `can do` attitude, which creates a stress free installation for all parties involved. I have no hesitation in recommending the Xhibitor crew to anyone in need of a helping hand for all types of work.

Gavin Spiller


Working with Xhibitor gave me peace of mind knowing I can count on Xhibitor professional crew to get the job done, on time and to my highest expectations. We have the confidence to take any size project no matter how complex, knowing Xhibitor crew are on our side.

Simon ZHOU


Xhibitor are integral to the success of many of our exhibition and event projects. Their organisational skills and attention to detail are proven year after year and they have frequently been able to work within very short time frames. Their skilled and experienced team give us the confidence we need to work with our high-profile clients. Xhibitor will remain as our number one preference for labour hire in the future.

Petra Hanson

The Exhibit Company


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