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Who We Are

Xhibitor is an Australian company in the professional hire business. Our goal is to provide an all-round professional hire service for clients in every sector from office set-ups and installations to corporate event and exhibition management. At Xhibitor, we take great pride in providing our clients with cost-effective skilled labour and general labour service for stores and events display services. We have teams of expert display professionals and other services ready to handle all your store or event’s display needs. We area leading provider of labour and skilled manpower services for all types of display installations. We have a professional workforce capable of handling your project to your satisfaction.

Our Team of Experts

All our professional service providers are experts in their own field and people of integrity. All members of our team carry photo IDs to ensure that you are secure and have a peace of mind when dealing with our team. We are an open and transparent company that encourages customers to give their honest feedback about our services, products, and employees.

Our Company Philosophy

At Xhibitor, we have a simple philosophy of helping companies build and promote their brands successfully by providing them with the necessary skilled and general labour in every type of exhibition or store display project. Our goal is to provide you with the right display installation workforce to make your store or business stand an instant success. Our team of display and exhibition experts is passionate about your success. They’ll provide you with professional and timely services to meet the unique needs of your business. They have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your installation is built and later dismantled properly.

Cost-Effective Display Installation Labour Services

If you are looking for skilled labour or general labour to build your stand or any other display installation in a trade event or exhibition, talk to our friendly customer care team and we’ll have the best team sent to you in record time.

Why Choose Our Professional Hire Services?

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to work with our professional labour force when installing your displays in event or trade exhibition:


Feel free to contact our friendly customer care team to learn more about our professional exhibition and events labour-hire services.

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